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A Multimedia Production

Welcome to Cruzer Studios! We provide aesthetic, creative, and technical solutions in the arts, technology, and education sectors.

  • interactive media Real-time arts
  • visualizations Pre-rendered Arts
  • aesthetics Fine Arts
  • Real-time arts

    Developer in virtual realm design: interactive architecture, flora, atmospherics, characters, props, game design, animation, coding, and special effects

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  • Pre-rendered Arts

    Extensive multimedia industry experience: offering a comprehensive range of media production services

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  • Fine Arts

    Classical art roots and gallery exhibition experience: the foundation to our range of styles and forms

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Our Services

Multimedia Arts

Developer in a gamut of 2D and 3D art and design. Static or moving imagery. Analog or digital output.

Computer Science

A range of computer programming, networking, security, diagnosis, installation, and repair.

Higher Education

Collegiate teaching, advising, and tutoring in the subjects of Multimedia, Computer Technology, and English.


Assisting administrations problem-solve and achieve in the private and education sectors.

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Roadmap for 2017: Project Sansar

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Updating our Tools -- Part 2

We're still in the process of updating our creation tools, and to address telecommuting needs,...

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