• Concept

    An ongoing thesis project that explores the blurring of lines between high and low art cultures, and various tenets normally associated with the Fluxus and Pop Surrealism movements: blending different art disciplines, anti-art, humor/fun, childishness, innocence, and wit. The central subject to the project involves an anthropomorphic cat-like sprite character.

  • Goals/Challenges

    • Blend different artistic media and disciplines into a cohesive new media / "intermedia"
    • Experiment with anti-art, humor, playfulness, and other non-traditional art elements in live gallery space
    • Exhibit nationally / regionally with both static and moving imagery
  • Tech Specs

    • Images: exhibition shots; post-work - none
    • Mediums / materials: "intermedia" - wood, glass, steel, clay, paper, plastic, video, film, 3d animation
    • Viewing context: gallery wall and floor space
    • Dimension(s): variable (contact for more info)
    • Software / tools: Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sound Forge
  • Credits

    • Fluxus production (sculpture, video, animation, print, photo, and exhibition install): Phil Delacruz


Punchinello: Domestic Surveillance Punchinello: Crate Hospice