• Concept

    Blendshape modeling is a widely-utilized practice that provides a 3D character the ability to perform human-like facial expressions and phonemes. Our approach to blendshape modeling is comprehensive: in our facial modeling techniques, shapes are designed to portray the entire gamut of human expression as well as the gamut of phonemes. This approach is applied to both highly-stylized or realistic face designs. For demo purposes, the former is exhibited as examples of peak expressiveness.

  • Goals/Challenges

    • Highly stylized and expressive character faces
    • Range of "strongly exaggerated" to "subtle" emotional poses
    • Comprehensive phoneme capability
    • Animator-friendly/efficient facial controllers
    • Full face musculature control-- based on facial muscle/bone anatomy
  • Tech Specs

    • Images: pre-vis / pre-texture renders; post work - none
    • Modeling type(s): both polygon and nurb capabilities
    • Viewing context / intended camera angles: extreme wide to close up shots
    • Software / tools: Maya
  • Credits

    • Asset production (face models, blendshape face variation models, skinning, animation controls): Phil Delacruz