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Roadmap for 2017: Project Sansar

Sky Lap in Sansar. Image courtesy Linden Lab.

Hello 2017!

As of December of last year, we're honored to announce that Project Sansar has selected Phillip D., of our studio, as one of its early content creators for its beta development! Phillip hopes to add to Sansar's features and functionalities for both the user experience and creator experience alike.

It is projected that this endeavor will preoccupy the entirety of 2017, and perhaps the first quarter of 2018. Currently, Phillip has begun exploring conversing, testing, and consulting with the early content creator group and Sansar staff.

At this very early stage-- a "Phase 1' if you will --plans are to examin Sansar's modeling methods, both externally and internally.

Naturally, phase 2 will deal with the next-gen textures and lighting effects.

Next, phase 3 will deal with early scripting and functionality. This will be the most comprehensive phase-- there will be a lot to absorb.

And lastly, phase 4 will deal with animation projects for both props and characters/avatars.

So far, Phillip mentions that he finds Sansar "marvelous [for a VR platform] and the sky's the limit!" We hope to share more as this story unfolds.