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Web Developer Project In the Florida College System

FSCJ Traininng and Organizational Development Website

In the late quarter of 2017, a web development project was completed, and is now live, for the Human Resource, Office of Training and Organizational Development, at the Florida State College at Jacksonville.

The website-- shown here --is a robust project incorporating a gamut of front end and back end design:

  • Determining an appropriate CMS platform for the client-- ensuring usability, agility, and sustainability.
  • Developing a design aesthetic for the site that would compliment the clients existing branding style guide
  • Creating a navigation system that focuses on optimum ease-of-use, readability, usability, and user experience-- with emphasis on quests for information.
  • Establishing an appropriate presentation for the content of the organization and its target audience.
  • Injecting subtle kinetic elements, and animation.
  • Configuring responsive design for cross-platform uses.
  • Creating sub brand logos/icons for entities involved.
  • Creating unique and varied design elements used in page backdrops.

Current outstanding projects involve creating a slew of varied rich media content, front end user interactivities, and illustrations.


Currently in development are late 14th century infantry elements for a real-time gaming project. Central to this line is a Medium Infantry Armor Kit functioning as armor defense point feature and customizable avatar accessory.

Sample reference images:

Current progress: